Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to earn Archeage Gold Quickly - Gathering Archeum Crystals Guides

How to earn Archeage Gold Quickly - Gathering Archeum Crystals Guides

The currency is the most important economic base in MMORPG.Sufficient game gold can enhance your character power and gain big fun from the game. Same in Archeage, you need cost a certain amount of Archeage gold to build house, ship and enhance weapons! The more money you earn, the more items your will get. In this article, we would like to share some efficient ways to earn money via gathering. Now, we are glad to introduce the new method to earn money fast in Archeage.
There are lots of valuable Archeage source in the game, today we would like to introduce the gathering ways of Archeum Crystals. In the Archeage CBT4, the unit price of Moonlight Archeum Crystals reach up to 7-8 gold. Also, the Sunlight Archeum Crystal unit price are about 2-3 gold. While, the price will be higher.

The Ways to Gather Archeum Crystals

1.Drop from monsters
To kill monsters can randomly drop Moonlight/Sunlight/Starlight Archeum Shard/Dust/Crystal. With the monster level increase, the quality of Archeum Crystal would increase. So, the Moonlight Archeum Shard would drop when kill high level monster.

2.Integrate the items
In the Archeage, the items drop from monster can be sold and integrated as well. With the different of Items level, to integrate it can acquire different Archeum source. The green armor under 38 level only can integrate to a Moonlight Archeum Dust, and the weapon can integrate to a Sunlight Archeum Dust, the Jewelry can integrate to Starlight Archeum Dust. While, the blue items can get two dust.

3.To Plant Archeum sapling
You can plant Archeum Tree to acquire Archeum Crystal. To purchase Archeum Sapling from Mirage Isle woulc cost you 3 Gilda Star.
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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Path of Exile Forsaken Masters - Voric’s Socket Crafting Preview

The Path of Exile Forsaken Masters - Voric’s Socket Crafting Preview

As we all know the Path of Exile new patch Forsaken Masters would be released after 15 days. There are seven new masters in new field, as for now, three characters has been released in CBT. Have you created the new class? In addition that, new content involves several attractive factors, such as Mission VariationCustomise HideoutUpgrade Crafting BenchesNew Items and ModsNew Support and Skill Gems.

Today, we would like to introduce Crafting UI works in Forsaken Masters. As you can see, this screenshot shows Voric’s Socket Crafting Window.

This interface layouts and prices the socket combinations according to GGG but it does give us a rough idea how it’s going to work. You can fuse socket, reforge the socket’s color and reforge the number of socket. As for now, the consumption of Chromatic Orb and Jeweller’s Orb are not high. While you need good fortunate to create ideal weapons!

The equipment in this picture is the famous Shavronne's Wrappings, to reforge three red sockets need 285 chromatic orb which equals to 1 POE Exalted Orb. Generally, the armour has 6 sockets to reforge 3 red sockets don’t need 285 chromatic orb, but the Crafting system in Forsaken Masters has 100% chance rate! In other words, the best combination of Shavronne’s Wrappings need 4-5 red sockets. So, have you prepared enough Path of Exile Currency? The consumption of POE Items is huge in new content!

To craft Five Linked Sockets you need cost 150 Orb of Fusing, and 6 linked sockets need 1500 Orb of Fusing. While, this price are high than the price now. Generally, to craft 6 linked sockets almost need 1200 FUS.

It now appears that crafting system in Path of Exile Forsaken Masters need lots of POE Currency in the future, but you can get 100% success rate. Maybe now it is time to prepare more Currency.
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