Wednesday, May 20, 2015

FIFA 15 TOTS FUT Community packs with Henderson

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The most exciting moment of the FIFA 15 FUT calendar has arrived for players. The FIFA 15 TOTS packs on PS4, Xbox One, mobile and PC are now live, with EA deciding to mix up the format compared to last year.

Now, before the real TOTS packs go live in the game you can first pick up some FIFA 15 TOTS Community Packs. These are the players which have never been in-form during the season, but have still performed consistently.

As a result, you can now find players such as Liverpool FC’s Jordan Henderson, Real Madrid’s Marcelo, Southampton player Schneiderlin and Besiktas striker Demba Ba in special packs.

These players all have increased stats compared to their standard cards, as Henderson goes from a 79 to an 84, Marcelo from an 82 to an 87 and so on.

EA has said that those who have picked out a TOTS player without their TOTS stats between 9pm and 10pm UK time on Wednesday evening will be given their upgraded stats later this week – this applies to Xbox and PlayStation versions.

It’s a great idea to kick of TOTS with these Community picks. Henderson definitely deserves his card after a consistent season, so let us know how you get on with finding any of these players in packs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FUT 15 Record Breaker Card Messi VS C.Ronaldo - How Can We Buy Them Easy?

At this season, Messi and Ronaldo have occupied the top two in the shooter list of league matches and UEFA Champions League. Based on the data, Messi and C.Ronaldo almost scored the same results, the different only has 2 goals. Even more interesting is that in the way of breaking record, the two kings are running together. In the last end of year, Messi finally scored the 75 goals in UEFA Champions League, in the 6th round of Barcelona Vs Paris St Germain, who break the record of C.Ronaldo being the Top 1 shooter in UEFA Champions League, and acquire Record Breaker Card. 5 Months ago, C.Ronaldo scored 76 goals over the record of Messi and get the Record Breaker Card. While, Messi scored twice to make the story reverse again in 24 hours. Now, Messi has 77 goals surpass C. Ronaldo being the Top 1 shooter.

Based on the data of these two Recored Breaker Card, it is not has big difference, but the scrupulous player would question why the price are different?

Obviously, the Record Breaker Card of C.Ronaldo has ST position, different from the used LW. The C.Ronaldo in ST position is a fierce goal scorer, it is amazing! What’s more, the Record Breaker Card of Messi is released so early, there are better three TOTY/MOTM/TOTW player cards in the market. Therefore, Messi’s Record Breaker Card would cheaper than Messi.

Of course, their price are so high for some players. It is not enough and hard to get coins just through winning games to buy such expensive players. If you need coins, we are glad to help you acquire plenty FUT Coins online easy and fast.