Thursday, December 5, 2013

Diablo 3 Best XP Farming Route

I do Festering Woods->;Weeping Hollow->;Fields of Misery, I do side dungeons in the zones with the exception of the khazra den in FoM.Act 1 is pretty good. For XP, i favor to stack in Festering Woods, then do Weeping Hollow, then Fields for kilowatt. Decaying Crypt in FoM is awesome. i would not be the foremost economical, but it is not bad.What category you play? what quantity you wear or what quantity you'd pay in RMAH? You wont sort of a Mp1-0 taphouse game leech vogue or simply solo? does one automobile loot or simply do no-loot xp run? You can find similar guides at

It depends on your category and build. If you are a WW/rend then going Act a pair of ends up being around thirty fifth quicker than Festering - Fields - Weeping (340/hr vs 250/hr). Worked with Nubtro to check out just about each single attainable dungeon in Acts one and a pair of, a number of three however skipped four as a result of -75% to healing is simply too OP. Cain's/Born's gear is nice for obtaining from 1-60. Also, ruby in your helm, and Leoric's seal and a red region ring if you have them. As for optimal routes, the overall logic of AN XP run is: begin in maps with low XP however high elites to induce 5NV, then slaughter everything on high XP maps.

The routes suggested below are again taken from Nubtro's analysis.

A full co-op game farming Festering Woods>; Weeping Hollow>; Fields of Misery + Decaying burial chamber (if available) has been tested as arguably the quickest XP run with upwards of 200mXP/hr once done with efficiency.

With the increasing buffs much anyplace is smart tho', what makes this run stand out is that every one the elites monster sorts area unit comparatively simple.

Still needs testing, however the foremost optimum route seems to be:
Festering Woods ->; Fields of Misery ->; Halls of Agony. For more Diablo 3 Guide, please visit .