Sunday, December 15, 2013

Diablo 3 Guide Solo Level Up 1-60 in 20 Hours

This may not be the best or most efficient way but its just my own way to level from 1-60 in less than 20hrs.

Level 1-23
Level through normal qwest, i reckon this is the fastest and safest. Dont bother to buy any gear from AH cos it should be relatively easy. If you really want to speed things up, get a socket weapon from AH, should not cost more than 10k gold, put in a flawless red gem to it and you will feel OP and slice through mobs.

Level 23-30
Get a 3 piece cain set. Should not cost more than 200k gold for all 3 piece. I suggest get a socket weapon with red flawless gem too, it speed things up a bit. By now with the cain set and socket weapon, you should be OP. Start from Rakkis back to slaughter fields one round. Exit and restart. Do it repeatedly, you should get to level 30 very fast. At level 30, get someone to carry you over to Nighmare.

Level 30 onwards to level 50
Normal Qwesting through act 1 and 2. I will continue to use the cain set and pick up gears along the way. Through act 2 if you really feel it getting tough, get a socket weapon + red flawless gem.
Qwest through to act 3, you should be around level 40. Now this is crucial, things get a bit tougher here. time to re-gear your equipments and weapon in AH. Each piece should not be more than 10k gold. I dont usually re-gear all my equipments but usually 80% of them at this time. With the socket weapon, you should feel OP.

Same thing, act 3 rakkis cross and back to fields of slaughter and keep repeating. You should reach level 50 in no time. Get someone to bring you over to hell.

Level 50 - 60
Hell is the slight drastic change in difficulty with Elites casting 3 speciality. I remember losing my first HC barb here.
I suggest you re-gear full set of equipments in AH (getting equipments from level 50-53 so you can arm it along the way). What is crucial for the success and speed of leveling hereon is a reduced requirement weapon, socket doesnt matter here. It will be good if you can get >700 dps reduced level weapon, if not >600dps will be fine. With the weapon you can slice through all the mobs.
Clear Act 1 through qwesting, by the time you finish act 1, you should be at least level 53. Gear up all your equipments.
Have someone open Act 3 last chapter qwest. Solo power level at Rakkis Cross back to fields of slaughter and repeat. Level to 60 should be a breeze.

Below are some tips which will speed things up:
- Socket Helm with red flawless gem
- Socket Weapon with red flawless gem from level 1-50
- Cain set from level 23 - 40+/50
- Reduced Level Weapon from level 50 onwards
- If you have some spare gold, get purple flawless gem for your gear, it increase survivabilty a lot.
- DPS > LoH/LS when leveling.
- Some may argue Crater is faster in leveling, but its just personal. I prefer Rakkis-Fields of Slaughter for leveling as it is one straight line back and a loop.