Friday, November 15, 2013

Diablo 3 Best Farming Route

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After many hours of testing I've settled on the subsequent farming routes:

Act 1
- Festering WP: clear high areas around WP + Warriors Rest and CotA
- graveyard WP then head south for a full Weeping Hollow clear
- Fields of Misery WP: full clear + Scavenger's Den or Decaying sepulcher if spawn
- Leoric's Manor WP: clear Halls of Agony one & a pair of

This is netting Pine Tree State ~ 80m xp/hour at the instant

Act 2 - Grab VotA stop, TP, leave game (only got to try this once) - begin game, clear VotA - TP --> Dalghur Oasis WP: solely clear east/north of WP till hit Ancient Waterway - Clear West Channel - Clear East Channel, TP - Archives WP:

clear Storm Halls - Clear Realm of Shadow This is the most effective I even have found thus far, however is merely netting concerning 65-70m xp/hour. i am glad I found how to clear some high density areas whereas keeping the VotA stop, therefore after I restart the sport I will simply get five stacks in VotA. However, this is often clearly less economical than Act one, therefore i am curious to understand if anyone has found a run that outperforms

Act one...
EDIT: My Act three runs typically opt for concerning 65-70m xp/hour. I notice farming times vary by person, however Act one is clearly superior from what I even have seen thus far.... curious if y'all area unit seeing identical issue.
My act a pair of route is giving Pine Tree State a far better elite/hr average than Act one. i am beginning with VotA, clearing Dalhgur, touch the East Channel (West channel providing i do not hit a dead finish and choose the correct path through the East) then out, and resume.Might end up to be a far better loot route than Act1.

Act 4, well for low MPs i feel smashing the Silver steeple 1&2 could be smart in addition. As long as you are just about one-shoting elite hammer lords there not unfortunate haha. The packs area unit in all probability to a lot of of a pain within the butt although for prime MP farming.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer