Thursday, November 21, 2013

Diablo 3 Monk Uber Boss Build and ROS Paragon XP Needed Chart

Do you know how much experience you need to get Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Paragon Level 1,000? Look at the chart. For more information at


Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Uber Boss Two Handed Solo Build for Hellfire Rings

This build is wonderful for uber parties. I will simply tank alone one uber boss at a time in MP seven and even on top of and stun the opposite one at a similar time. this is often attributable to the wave of sunshine blazing light-weight graphic symbol with has AoE stun rate that equals to the important chace of the monk. Wave of sunshine hit thrice thus you truly have around a hundred and twentieth to AoE stun. It's pretty wonderful. so as to stay the spirit pool alive, high spirit reg (around 5-6 at min) is required. additionally, i exploit the Quickening graphic symbol of FoT in uber runns therefore the spirit isn't the matter. Another issue is that the health pool, I have 5.6% LS, around 1000LoH and around sixty Life per spirit. which means that each WoL brings my life nearly to easy lay (and I even have over 45k life), thus if you do not do any mistake you cannot extremely die thereupon build and if you are doing, serenity can keep you alive untill subsequent WoL. Another smart gorgeous ability is that the blazing flash which may facilitate once the spirit pool is low.

The combination of SoJ and Inna's radiance is effective in gathering spirit for that build. additionally, Exalted soul may be a should for this build.

In farming build the blazing flash graphic symbol is replaced in authorised Wave graphic symbol and quickening is replaced in Thunderclap. With the SoJ and commonplace gear additionally to high Life pool and life healing choices (LS,LPS,LOH) I simply kill everything in my manner pretty simply.

Written by Phebe sal Game Reviewer